Digital Participation


(1) If you are unable to attend physically, and are aware of this before the end of June 2024, digital participation is possible. This must be notified in advance of the conference by registering for a digital presentation AND a digital participation, once registration opens (scheduled for May, 2024), but before June 30th, 2024. After that date, digital participation is no longer available. Please note, however, the following limitations. (1) We can only offer limited digital access to each specific talk via Zoom for up to several hundred participants at a time. As we expect more participants than that (2000 to 3000) and as complimentary access to Zoom will be open to all participants, please expect that you cannot participate digitally in each talk that you might want to attend to. However, we will grant your participation in the session in which you give your own presentation. In addition, as the regular schedule of talks will offer several alternatives at the same time, you will find alternative talks that you can attend to digitally, at least during the regular morning and afternoon sessions.

(2) Please note that, for the above reasons, especially the digital access to the keynote presentations or other singular events at the conference is not certain.

(3) Please also note that you cannot digitally access the physical poster sessions, and the plenary sessions of the DGPs and of the ÖGP. For a digital participation/presentation, we offer a reduction of the regular fees by 40,- Euros.