Travel and Accomodation


Digital Participation

If you have a very long distance to travel and, therefore, would have to take a plane but, at the same time, could live with the disadvantages of a digital participation, consider the option to attend digitally. We offer the availability to register in advance (before June 30th) for a digital presentation/participation at/in the DGPs congress 2024. For further details, please visit our Digital Participation page.


Travel to Vienna & Travel Award

We encourage all participants to opt for the most sustainable transportation options. If at all possible, please travel to the congress by train. We strongly recommend avoiding air travel or coming to Vienna by car, in order to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible. Should it be impossible for you to come by train, please consider a digital participation instead of a flight to Vienna.

Prepare to be rewarded for your extraordinary train journey! Two coveted prizes await participants at our conference who've undertaken the longest train travels to join us: one for the lengthiest daytime
voyage and another for the most memorable nighttime excursion. Here's the catch: it's not about the distance covered in kilometers; it's about the remarkable time spent on the train.

Each of our two winners will be treated to a memorable surprise gift and a complimentary ticket to our exclusive congress party—a night of celebration and networking you won't want to miss!
Considering joining us? Picture yourself boarding the overnight train to Vienna on either September 13th or 14th, 2024. However, please note that some pre-conference workshops start at 9 a.m. on Sunday,
September 15th, 2024.

Ready to participate? Simply email your train ticket attached to Sarah Stapel ( between May 1st and September 8th for your chance to win. Let's celebrate your passion for adventure, dedication to our event, and commitment to climate-friendly travel together!

In case of equal travel times, the decision shall be taken by drawing a lot. The legal recourse to the courts is not permitted.


Transportation in Vienna

We also kindly ask you to use public transport, car pooling, or Bikesharing (e.g. WienMobil: in Vienna rather than Taxis during your stay. Event times are all scheduled in such a way that public transport can be used.

Should you choose to travel by rental car or taxi, please opt for more environmentally friendly options such as Greenride, an electric car rental company, and Taxi40100, a taxi dispatch service offering the option of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Importantly, we also encourage you to calculate and offset your CO2 emissions for the conference, especially if you are not able to use public transport. Further information on carbon offsets can be foud here and here. Information on calculating your ecological footprint can be found here.



We recommend booking an accommodation close to the conference venue. This will reduce the need for long-distance commuting and further minimize our collective carbon emissions.

If possible, please choose an environmentally certified hotel (Austrian Eco-label, European Ecolabel, EMAS, etc.) and use the environmentally friendly services offered by your hotel (change towels and sheets only when necessary, etc.).

Switch off all lights and electronic devices (TV, air conditioning, heating, computer, etc.) when leaving the hotel room temporarily.