Childcare at the DGPs / ÖGP Congress 2024

Dear Colleagues,

From Monday, September 16th, 2024, to Thursday, September 19th, 2024 (but not on the day of the pre-conference workshops), the DGPs/ÖGP Congress will offer a limited number of childcare time slots that are provided by Flying Nanny, the mobile childcare programme of the Children's Office of the University of Vienna.

During these days, you will have the opportunity to access this programme for a small nominal fee of 15 EUR per half-day slot. Slots are limited, meaning that earlier registrations will be prioritised. 
Morning slots are: 7:30-12:30 hAfternoon slots are: 12:30-16:00 h

Please indicate your registration request in the form provided when registering for the conference. Separate requests by e-mail or similar cannot be considered. Please note that your booking enquiry does not constitute a confirmation on our part. We will inform you about the allocation of places at a later date.

Kind regards,

The organizers